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50 Hawaiian Baby Names Popular Hawaiian Baby Names for Girls. Here are some popular and unique Hawaiian baby names for girls along with their... Alamea. Peak Popularity: Alamea is a unique name that hasn't made its way into the top 1000 list for girls in the United... Alana. Peak Popularity: The. Außerdem ist Kana als Jungennamen auch auf Hawaii gebräuchlich (mit der Bedeutung: Gericht Gottes). Kanani: Hawaiianisch: Schönheit: Kane: Englisch, Irisch, Hawaiianisch, Japanisch: irisch-gälischer männlicher Vorname Darüber hinaus ist der Name auch im hawaiiansichen und japanischen Kulturraum bekannt. Kawikani: Hawaiianisch: Der Starke: Keana: Hawaiianisc Hawaiian: Honalei: Named after Hanalei, Hawaii; meaning heavenly land: Girl: Hawaiian: Kaeo: Kaeo means Strong: Boy: Hawaiian: Kahale: The name Kahale means House: Girl: Hawaiian: Kahawai: Kahawai means River: Boy: Hawaiian Māui m & f Hawaiian, Polynesian Mythology. Meaning unknown. In Hawaiian mythology Māui was a trickster who created the Hawaiian Islands by having his brothers fish them out of the sea. He was also responsible for binding the sun and slowing its movement. Mele f Hawaiian, Tongan, Samoan

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A popular pattern is naming boys after feats of valor or bravery. Hawaii is home to many brave warriors and deities, and these inspire parents to name their children after them. Aside from bravery, there are also lots of Hawaiian names related to happiness, intelligence, and leadership 60 Hawaiian Surnames or Family Names With Meanings 1. Aka. 2. Akamai. The popular name Akamai means smart, clever, or wisdom. 3. Akamu. 4. Akana. This is a very common Hawaiian last name and the meaning of the name is bright. 5. Alama. 6. Alana. The meaning of this surname is arise. Most Hawaiian names for baby boys tend to start with the alphabets' K' and 'M'; perhaps the influence of the sea! A classic example is 'Kai', which means 'sea' in Hawaiian. Another famous name is Keanu, meaning a cooling breeze, which gained more popularity after the actor Keanu Reeves hit stardom

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  1. Hawaiianische Namen eignen sich, wenn Sie nach etwas besonderem für Ihr Kind suchen und sich von den typischen Alltagsnamen abgrenzen möchten. Hier finden Sie die 20 schönsten Namen für Mädchen und Jungen
  2. Kiele - Gardenia; fragrance..The Tahitian cognate, Tiare, is a common girls' name in Hawaii.(1f) Kilohana - Superior(2m) Kimo - Hawaiian form of James (6m) Kina - China (the country). Hawaiian form of Dinah,Tina and Gina. (1f) Kini - Multitude. King,as a loan word and a surname. Also Hawaiian form of Jane,Jean,Jennie,Gene and Dean. (2m
  3. g colonized by the West, Hawaiians were required to keep a last name. This lead to the given names being converted to family surnames

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Hawaiian name generator . This name generator will generator 10 random Hawaiian names. Hawaii is a state part of the USA, and has a population of roughly 1.5 million people. It compromises hundreds of islands created by volcanoes, some of which are still active, and islands continue to be built by this volcanic activity. As a result the islands are also incredibly fertile Both Hawaii and the baby names common to the islands are synonymous with beauty, nature, and adventure. The Bump brings you a list of beautiful Hawaiian baby names to browse Hawaii is home to many different types of flowers, which you may notice is a recurring theme in Hawaiian names for baby girls. Aside from flowers, Hawaiian baby girl names are also very much inspired by nature. You'll see a lot of names related to the ocean and waves, since Hawaii is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean

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If you are interested in tropical places, beaches, coconuts, and hula-hula dance, then you are in love with Hawaii. And if you have a cute kitten, it's probably the best to name him / her with Hawaiian names. Besides, Hawaiian names are unique, exotic and beautiful so it would be a good choice. So, here we've compiled all the Hawaiian cat. Kaikaina f Hawaiian Name of character Kaikaina Grif, in Rooster Teeth Productions Red vs Blue. She's the sister of main character Dexter Grif, and is called 'sister' throughout her appearances. Kaikea m Hawaiian Means clear sea, from kai meaning sea, sea water and kea meaning white, clear. Kaiki m Hawaiian. Kaiki f Hawaiian Hawaiian form of Daisy. Kaikoa m Hawaiian Means sea warrior. Bird of Paradise or Crane flower is one of the most recognized Hawaiian flower names. It displays blue-green leaves with a red midrib while the orange-colored petals complement the thick evergreen foliage. The plant can grow up to 4-5 feet in height and 2-3 feet wide, making them ideal to be grown as an indoor houseplant Fundamental » All languages » Hawaiian » Terms by semantic function » Names » Surnames Hawaiian names shared by family members. Pages in category Hawaiian surname

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Hawaiian Dog Names Based on Locations. Hawaii is a breathtaking locale full of lush greens, beautiful beaches and pristine water. The state is comprised of six major islands and within them are interesting cities and landmarks galore. This provides excellent inspiration for Hawaiian dog names! Kauai - The oldest of the Hawaiian islands and. Lanai - Der Name einer hawaiianischen Insel; Benice - Abgeleitet von Bernice, dem Namen einer hawaiianischen Prinzessin; Lanea - Himmlische Blume Malia - Abwandlung von Maria, Die Geliebte; Mana - Göttliche Macht Nalani - Das Himmelszelt Nani - Schönheit Kalia - Die Strahlende Noelani - Nebe Hawaiianische Namen eignen sich auch wunderbar für Doppelnamen, zweite Vornamen und Kosenamen. Der Name Malia, zum Beispiel, hat in den letzten Jahren stark an Beliebtheit zugenommen, da das der Vorname einer der beiden Töchter Barack Obamas ist. Malia bedeutet ruhige Gewässer und ist die hawaiianische Version des Namens Maria. Dieser Name für Mädchen erreichte den Höhepunkt seiner Beliebtheit in 2012 und ist auch heute noch sehr beliebt, genauso wie seine Varianten Malea, Maylea. Hawaiianische Namen wie Kala, Nalu oder Lio sind die perfekte Wahl, wenn euer Kind einen ungewöhnlichen Namen haben soll. Hier kommen 44 Namen aus Hawaii Hawaiian Name Translations. In old Hawaii, the choice of a name, or inoa, was very important. Your inoa was considered both a personal possession and a force in it's own right. Once spoken, the inoa assumed a mystical existence and the power to help and protect the one named. It was believed that the more a name was spoken, the more powerful it.

Das sind die 10 schönsten hawaiianischen Vornamen für Mädchen: Alani, Bedeutung: Orangenbaum oder Orangenfrucht. Anela, Bedeutung: Engel. Kalea, Bedeutung: Freude oder hell. Lani, Bedeutung: Himmel. Leilani, Bedeutung: Himmlische Blume. Luana, Bedeutung: Die Glückliche. Malu, Bedeutung: Frieden. Moana, Bedeutung: Ozean Weiß zufällig jemand wo man deutsche Namen auf hawaiianisch findet bzw wie meine Name dann in Hawaii ist?Ich suche nämlich für mehrere Namen den dazugehörigen Hawaii Name. Sarah = Antworten. Kommentar-Navigation ← Ältere Kommentare. Schreibe einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechen. Kommentar. Name E-Mail. Hitliste 2020. Deutschlands beliebteste Vornamen; Verdorbene Vornamen; Traditionelle.

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If you look at the list of most popular names in the state of Hawaii, you won't find them very different from others, with Chloe, Isabella and Madison, Ethan, Noah and Isaiah at the top. It isn't until you get quite a bit further down the list that you find names more reflective of the distinctive Hawaiian names , such as Kai , Leilani , Malia , Kainoa, and Kalena Anela - angel; messenger of the heavens (F) Ani - beautiful (F) Anouhea/Anuhea - soft, cool fragrance (F) Aolani - cloud from heaven (F) Aulani - king's messenger (F) Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

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Abigail - Apikalia. Abraham - Apelehama. Ada - Aka. Adam - Akamu. Adele - Akele. Adrian - Akiliano. Adrienne - Akaliene. Agatha - Akaha. Agnes - Akeneki Julie - Kuliano. Juliette - Kuliana. June - Iune. Justin - Iukekini. Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Our Hawaiian to English names translation page has been combined into an easy to download PDF document. The list of Hawaii names is extremely long and thorough (we'd hate to leave anyone out) and it's easy to download/view in a PDF document. Please make note that this translation is fo

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Aloha! Find out your Hawaiian name Hawaiian Idioms . Like grandfathers everywhere, Hawaiian grandfathers enjoy passing on their wisdom, especially if they can do it in a witty or memorable way. Some Hawaiian proverbs make allusions to the geographical features of Hawaii. The sayings only make sense to those familiar with the areas named

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  1. Boy names: 1. Kahiau 2. Kamakani 3. Laakea 4. Kamahao 5. Koamalu 6. Kaimipono 7. Kaiea 8. Nainoa 9. Kanai 10. Alika. There's a lot of overlap between these names and the list above. In fact, all but three are mentioned in the post. (The three are Tehani, Taimane and Alika — Tehani is Tahitian, Taimane is Samoan, and Alika is the Hawaiian form of the Western name Alex.) Source: Republic of Names: Distinctive Names: Hawai
  2. Hawaiian names flow off your tongue and often have elaborate meanings behind them. If you've been inspired by Hawaiian culture or you want your baby girl to embrace their Hawaiian roots, you'll have plenty of options to pick from. If you're looking for a name with ties to nature specifically, you may like the name Puanani which means gorgeous flower. After all, with all the native.
  3. Mele is another Hawaiian boy's name with musical and creative overtones. As a girl's name i''s used as a variant of Mary, but as a boy's name, Mele means song, and is also the word for Hawaiian chants, songs, or poems. Because of this, it's often used in song titles
  4. List of Names: Meaning: Aloha: A word used as a greeting for both 'hello' and 'goodbye' Dano: Name of a character in the Hawaii 5-0 series: Duke: Named after the Duke Kahanamoko, one of the first Hawaiian royalty: Fleur: Rhymes with flower: Honolulu: Name of a city in Hawaii: Hula: Hawaiian Dance: Aka: Shadow: Akamai: Smart: Akamu: Red earth: Akela: Wisdom: Alamea: Precious: Alan

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Understanding place names in the State of Hawaii is an important first step in planning your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. It all begins with understanding the names of the islands themselves since even this can be confusing to a first time visitor. In addition to their island names and county names, each island has one or more nicknames. Once you get these straight, you can begin to look at. Hawaiian names hold deep meaning and are chosen intentionally to reflect a certain meaning. Hawaiian names also reflect social class and status, and are usually not borrowed or copied by other families. Traditionally, names are said to have revealed themselves in dreams or visions. Names can also be inspired by events surrounding the child's birth. In 1860, a law was put into effect that.

Hawaiian names are becoming more widely used in the US in recent years, especially for girls. Names ending in -lani are particularly popular, thanks to the resurgence of the name Leilani. It's even inspired parents to create pseudo-Hawaiian names for their daughters, such as Jenni JWOWW Farley did for her daughter Meilani. As the world gets smaller, parents in the mainland US and beyond. Hawaii (/ h ə ˈ w aɪ. i / hə-WY-ee; Hawaiian: Hawaiʻi [həˈvɐjʔi] or [həˈwɐjʔi]) is a U.S. state in the Western United States, in the Pacific Ocean about 2,000 miles (3,200 km) from the U.S. mainland. It is the only state outside North America, the only island state, and the only state in the tropics.Hawaii is also one of a few U.S. states to have once been an independent nation Hawaiian last names. While today you may find first or last names of Hawaiian descent, initially, these people did not have more than one name. Most of these names were not gender-specific and were therefore used by both men and women. A look at some of them will give you insight into how they look and the meaning behind them

Lahela Hawaiian. Hawaiian version of Rachel (name meaning ewe in Hebrew). Named after fictional character from video game 'Choices: Stories You Play', Dr. Bryce Lahela. Mahi'ai Hawaiian Hawaii is an incredible oasis of culture, history, and natural wonders. With lots of nature-inspired meanings, simple pronunciations, and lovely sounds, these Hawaiian baby names are certainly worth considering if you have a special connection to America's 50th state

Hawaiian Name for Grandmother Tutu Used for Grandparents of Both Genders. Share PINTEREST Email Print Rothenborg Kyle | Perspectives | Getty Images Love and Romance. Relationships Sexuality Divorce Teens LGBTQ Friendship By. Susan Adcox. Susan is the author of the book Stories From My Grandparent: An Heirloom Journal for Your Grandchild. She is a freelance writer whose grandparenting. Looking for Hawaiian Girl Names?...If you are searching for a lovely and unique name for your baby girl that will help her stand out from the kiddie-crowd, then you have come to the right place.. In fact, if you are like I was when I was naming my children (I have 3, by the way), then you want a large assortment of truly great baby names from which to choose..

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Last names provide a great connection to our family's past. When it comes to Hawaii, natives initially didn't have last names. Western colonization required everyone to have one following. The last names are generated randomly for you to browse and include common Hawaiian last names as well as popular Hawaiian last names. If you don't like a name you can always click to see one more. Whether you are looking to name a character in a book or if you are just having some fun, this name generator is sure to help you out. Good luck finding a great Hawaiian last name with our official. The Hawaii resident's long last name is 36 characters. Her old driver's license didn't feature her first or middle name and dropped the 36th character of her last name. She said it caused problems when traveling and confusion when she was being questioned by a police officer during a traffic stop

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  1. Here is a collection of most popular Hawaiian male/female cat names, along with their meanings. Ukukani - heavenly inspiration Kawaii - water Kaipo - sweetheart Milani - caress Alamea - precious Alana - awaken Emma - a popular name for girl cats Alemana - warrior Analu - man Ulani - cheerful Aliikai - the Queen Mor
  2. Hawaiian cat names are a great choice if you love the Aloha State. It could be fond travel memories, a personal connection to the state or any reason that's special to you. After looking through the list, we hope you found an amazing cat name that's just right for your furbaby! And if you have additional suggestions, let us know. We love hearing from readers and look forward to your ideas.
  3. The Hawaiian name for this sea stack literally means owl trap hill, with some believing it was once home to a shrine for bird hunters. A more famous name origin story for Puu Pehe is rooted in Hawaiian legend, which tells of a beautiful Maui girl of similar name who was captured by a young warrior from Lanai. Afraid of losing her, he brought Puu Pehe to the area's cliffs and kept her.
  4. Hawaii is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin that means that means U.S. State. Find out more about the name Hawaii at BabyNames.com
  5. Akamu is primarily a male name of Hawaiian origin that means that means Of The Earth. Find out more about the name Akamu at BabyNames.com

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  1. Hawaii Place Names: Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites by John R.K. Clark. Call Number: DU622 .C546 2002. ISBN: 0824824512. Publication Date: 2002. Available online with UHM . Available online from Ulukau. Hawaiian dictionary : Hawaiian-English, English-Hawaiian by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert. Call Number: PL6446 .P795 1991 . ISBN: 0824807030. Publication Date: 1991. Earlier.
  2. Retrieved from Fornander Collection of Hawaiian Antiquities and Folk-lore, Vol. IV, Ea Mai Hawaiinuiakea speaks of the genealogy of our Hawaiian Islands and our royalty beginning with Haloa, the first man of Hawaii. Genealogy chants are important in Hawaii because they're a reflection of one's background. Identity allows one to better understand their kuleana (responsibility) to their.
  3. Whether you're here looking for Hawaiian dog names because you're from Hawaii, your dog is from Hawaii, or you just like the sound of the Hawaiian tongue, you have landed on a great page! Not only will we give you lists of both male and female Hawaiian dog names, but we will also provide you the meanings behind them, where applicable! Male Female; Hekili: Thunder. Ula: Red. Alii: King.
  4. Here is a list of popular names that we have translated into Hawaiian: What is Emma in Hawaiian? What is Olivia in Hawaiian? What is Ava in Hawaiian? What is Isabella in Hawaiian? What is Sophia in Hawaiian? What is Mia in Hawaiian? What is Charlotte in Hawaiian? What is Amelia in Hawaiian? What is Evelyn in Hawaiian? What is Abigail in Hawaiian
  5. Browse Hawaiian baby names and meanings. Each list of Hawaiian names can be sorted by Hawaiian baby girl names or Hawaiian baby boy names. In addition to Hawaiian baby names, at Baby Name World you will find thousands of other unique and popular male and female baby names and their meaning sorted by origin
  6. 50 Best Hawaiian Dog Names Akua (spirit) Aloha Alamea (precious) Aolani (heavenly cloud) Awapuhi (ginger) Lani (sky) Kai (ocean) Keiki (child) Kekoa (brave one) Kio (puddle) Kina Koa (fearless) Kona Hanai Hilo Hula Inoki (devoted) Lanai Leilani Lilikoi (passionfruit) Lilo Lomi Lupo (wolf) Mahina.
  7. Hawaiian name cross-reference index. This information is derived from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawai'i and references listed in the general credits. Hawaiian name Common name Genus Species Family name Common Family name; A'awa: Hogfish: Bodianus: bilunulatus: Labridae: Wrasses: A'u: Blue marlin: Makaira: nigricans: Istiophoridae : A'u: Black (silver) marlin.
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Name Origin: Hawaiian. Name Meaning: ocean power . KAINOA . Name Origin: Hawaiian. Name Meaning: the name . KALAMA . Name Origin: Hawaiian. Name Meaning: the torch . KALANI . Name Origin: Hawaiian. Name Meaning: the heavens . KAMALANI . Name Origin: Hawaiian. Name Meaning: N/A . MAKANI . Name Origin: Hawaiian. Name Meaning: the wind . NALANI . Name Origin: Hawaiian first Hawaiian king who founded a kingdom in the afterlife (Peles brother) Apukohai. Shark God of Kauai. Haulili. God of Speech. Hai. God of Kapa making. Hiaka. a Mountain God on Kauai Tatsächlich haben sich in Hawaii mittlerweile erkennbar eigenständige und exotische Namensgebungen entwickelt, obwohl Nachnamen einst nicht zum traditionellen Brauch der örtlichen Kultur gehörten. Dabei setzt man bei der Benennung vor allem auf Namen mit vielen Vokalen, die zu besonderen Klangfarben führen. Weit verbreitet sind Nachnamen wie Kahue, Kamaka, Mahoe, Iona. Insbesondere Namen.

Smaller islands, atolls, and reefs (all west of Niʻihau are uninhabited except Midway Atoll) form the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, or Hawaiian Leeward Islands: Nihoa (Mokumana) Necker (Mokumanamana) French Frigate Shoals (Kānemilohaʻi) Gardner Pinnacles (Pūhāhonu) Maro Reef (Nalukākala) Laysan. Keoe, Keoea, Keho'oea are traditional Hawaiian names: Keoe is a Hawaiian name which Alexander believes was applied to Vega (Alpha Lyrae); but Kupahu describes it as a group of four stars forming a diamond. Hence it probably stood for the entire constellation of Lyra (Makemson 220)

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Hawaiian Airlines; IATA HA: ICAO HAL: Callsign HAWAIIAN: Country: United States: Subsidiaries / Group Airlines 'Ohana by Hawaiian (8 aircraft) Base / Main Hub: Honolulu International (HNL / PHNL) Fleet Size: 61 Aircraft (+ 1 On Order/Planned) Average Fleet Age 1: 9.9 Years: Official Sit See the footnote below for more on Language of Intention: It is a Key Concept within our MWA philosophy, and explains why we use the Hawaiian names for these values as our labels and site tags. ALOHA—. Aloha is a value, one of unconditional love. Aloha is the outpouring and receiving of the spirit. HO'OHANA— Harlow, Shiloh, Beau and All the Hidden-O Names; 23 Real Hawaiian Names for Girl

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Other common breeds in Hawaii are: Shetland Sheepdog Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier German Shepherd Poodle French Bulldo Kostenlose Deutsch nach Hawaiisch Übersetzung für Wörter, Phrasen und Sätze. Bitte beachten Sie, dass unser Übersetzer Deutsch-Hawaiisch höchstens 5.000 Zeichen gleichzeitig übersetzen kann

This Hawaiian music for hula dancing with Hawaiian music instrumental and Hawaiian mu... Hawaiian music & Hawaiian music ukulele - 'Isle of Aloha' - FULL ALBUM How it's made: Lomi in Hawaiian means to massage, and the name is taken from how the dish is prepared — the ingredients are massaged together with the salted fish. It is always served cold and. Names from Hawaiian Mythology: Godchecker's mighty alphabetical index list of Hawaiian deity names - includes alternative names, titles, akas and nicknames of the Gods, Goddesses and spirits

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Hawaiian, any of the aboriginal people of Hawaii, descendants of Polynesians who migrated to Hawaii in two waves: the first from the Marquesas Islands, probably about ad 400; the second from Tahiti in the 9th or 10th century. Numbering about 300,000 at the time of Captain James Cook's arrival at the islands in 1778, full-blooded Hawaiians numbered. However, please try not to cut down the complicated Hawaiian names. The Hawaiian language is very particular in that one word may have several different meanings depending on the way it is said. Your name Kamoho is incorrect implying that the name of the shark god is that of a flightless bird. The correct and only name would be Kamohoali'i. balladeer. January 11, 2015 at 1:44 am. The flower names given here will surely help you know more about the exotic and tropical Hawaiian flowers. Hawaii is known for its flora and fauna, and is synonymous with beautiful, picturesque, exotic flowers which are considered to be an integral part of Hawaiian culture. The locals welcome you with the leis flower or a garland of orchid or plumeria, which indeed is a beautiful, touching, and unforgettable gesture

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Babynology has more than thousands of Hawaiian baby names and meanings. Here you can deluge yourself with the distinctive list of Hawaii names. Just browse the modern Hawaiian babies names shortlist Hawaiian name from a-z alphabetic order and get the Hawaiian baby name of your choice. You can pick up the best Hawaiian names of your choices along with meaning, popularity, numerology, comments and many more. Babynology has collection of 268 Hawaiian Names with meaning Cool post, just a pointer that pineapple isn't at all a traditional food, in fact, in Hawaiian its name is 'hala kahiki' or foreign hala since it looks like the fruit of a native hala tree but is foreign. It was first imported to grow in Hawai'i around the 1830's, originally from Costa Rica www.mauimapp.com Maui Island Guide. 1/ Okinas and macrons impart important differences in the pronunciation and meaning of words in the Hawaiian language. Due to font limitations, macrons are represented with an underline. For macron usage, replace the underline below a letter with a macron over the same letter The names of the eight main Hawaiian Islands are Hawaii Island, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe and Niihau. Despite the fact that there are eight main islands, there are only four counties in the state. They are Hawaii, Honolulu, Maui and Kauai. Hawaii is the widest state from east to west. It is so wide and remote, in fact, that it has its own time zone. One of the eight main.

200 (And More) Female Hawaiian First Names has 200 namesRomantic Flowers: Plumeria FlowerHawaiian Baby Names | Names from the Hawaii Islands | Baby

Most consulted pronunciations in Hawaiian. Papa pronunciation Papa. mai pronunciation mai. aloha pronunciation aloha. one pronunciation one. Aloha wau iā 'oe pronunciation Aloha wau iā 'oe. Pau pronunciation Pau. ho'oponopono pronunciation ho'oponopono. Kauai pronunciation Kauai Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar; Abela: Variant of Apela: Breath; breathing spirit (Hawaiian variant of Abel). Male: Hawaiian: Aberahama: Variant of Apelahama: Father to many (Hawaiian variant of Abraham) Malea - Hawaiian name for Mary; Kawaii - meaning the water; Jasmin - meaning flower; Kala - meaning black in color; Lanikai - means heavenly sea; Keone - best for kitten meaning little rascal; Hani - meaning adopt or lucky; Etana - name for strong cats; Analu - meaning a man. Waha Nui - for big-mouthed cats; Lilo - for generous cat Our Hawaiian Names Ad Blocker in app purchase is FREE. Enjoy Download now to learn your Hawaiian Name! Simply enter your name to translate, or browse through thousands of names! • Over 15,000 Hawaiian names • Hear names pronounced out loud (upgrade) • Search by English or Hawaiian • Email your Hawaiian name to your friend Place Names of Hawaii (Pukui, Elbert & Mookini) was considered the primary source for determining the appropriate use of kahakō or 'okina in individual place names. The Board has deviated from these sources when other experts, such as native Hawaiian speaking elders from a particular area, have provided alternative pronunciations. In 2014. List of Hawaiian baby names, Hawaiian babies names, Hawaiian baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources. Please use this up to date list of Hawaiian name as a reference to name your kid/child. This vast database of Hawaiian names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. This information is developed.

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