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Enable/Disable 'Stars Rating' for the posts, pages and custom post types comments individually. Comments with their ratings and an average rating above comments. Rating option in comment form. Shortcode [stars_rating_avg] to display average rating anywhere in the post/pag The Multi Rating pro plugin integrates with the out of the box WordPress comments form and the rating details can be displayed as a part of the comments list on a page. Include ratings and reviews to be submitted with WordPress comments. Pros: Can reply to comments/ratings; Native WordPress; Reviews can be shown as comments instead of using the [mrp_rating_entry_details_list] shortcode; Cons: Cannot use Multi Rating Pro template system; Extra moderation (comments and ratings

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Show star ratings in comments. Asked 2 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 193 times. 0. I followed the steps in this article: cssigniter.com/add-rating-wordpress-comment-system to add a star rating to the comments system... but when I list the comments with the code below the stars are not showing up I have tried what seems. GD Star Rating enables the user to choose from 8 different rating types and synchronizes all reviews accurately with comments, pages, and posts. The ratings can be displayed as stars and posted as widgets for the top ratings and statistics. The rating system is highly customizable on the settings panel This WordPress star rating plugin allows you add a star rating section on your WordPress Pages, posts, and WooCommerce Products. It comes with Google microdata option that helps you to rank in Google easily. You get the flexibility to create three, five, seven or even twelve star rating system. You can even change icons, color, size and image of the rating icons. You can also paste the shortcode from backend to make the rating work anywhere on your website Add two fields to your empty table and name them postID and rating so WordPress can keep track of what posts received ratings. Open your WordPress site in your favorite FTP program and navigate to your blog's main folder. This will be the same folder that contains the folders named wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes. Add a new folder here named IansPics. This will be the folder where you can place any images for your star rating system. Go ahead and upload your two star images to. I am currently using GD Star Rating for our rating system. It has been very flexible, but probably a little more advanced than wp-postratings. It does have the ability to allow comment ratings. For an example check out our site (www.bendbeerblog.com) I eventually want to connect the ratings with the untappd.com API. I am hoping I can hook into.

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Why Use a Star Rating Plugin for WordPress? A star rating plugin lets you simply add customer and client reviews to your website with built-in star ratings. The star rating system is incredibly popular and allows your visitors to see the quality of your products and services at a glance. Star ratings act as social proof for your website. Packed with all the essential features, Universal Star Rating is the new-generation plugin which will empower your WordPress website with the feature of adding star ratings. The best part is that this plugin is not just restricted to ratings but you can also add reviews to the corresponding data. There are a lot of short codes which you can edit very easily to make it more user-friendly as per. Rating-Widget: Star Review System Rating-Widget is one of the most popular free plugins out there. It is user-friendly and can be used with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and bbPress forums. By using this plugin, you can do page and post ratings

POWr Reviews is another rating plugin for WordPress. It's very simple to use but is very powerful. With this plugin, you can receive and show visitors comments, display them between 1 and 5 stars, use custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, adjust sizes and spacing, and this plugin is mobile responsive Comment Rating Field Plugin. This adds a simple but nice touch to the Comments area on your website. Using the plugin, you can add a star rating system that gives your viewers the option to leave a rating along with their comment. The way it works is simple: If the user rates your post using the star rating system, then it will show up under the text of their comment. If they decide not to. StarCat Reviews [Free] - The Best WordPress Rating Plugin StarCat Reviews is the best WordPress rating and review plugin that helps you to enable user ratings on any posts or pages including custom post types. It has the best user rating features on the WordPress market GD Rating System is the successor to GD Star Rating plugin, but it has nothing in common with the old plugin. GD Rating System uses modular structure with most features split into addons and rating methods. For front end display plugin uses templates similar to WordPress theme templates and allows you to override existing templates or add new ones

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Another great feature of this plugin is that you're not just bound to star rating. You can display ratings in multiple formats such as percentage, point, circle, and more. The plugin also has a user comment and rating feature so that your readers can share their own thoughts and ratings about the product/service The WordPress Comment Rating Plugin allows ratings on your comments. Click the Live Preview button and scroll down to the comments section to see it in action. Easy to use; Custom Retina FontAwesome Icons; Custom Icon colors; Comment Resorting according to their ratings; Custom icon size; Custom CSS; IP-Address-Detection; Cookie Detectio wpDiscuz is the fastest comment plugin for WordPress. If you have some issues you should look at your database. In most cases the issue comes from WordPress comment tables. Also, make sure you don't have errors in the WordPress caused by the active theme and by other plugins, check your site health in Tools > Site Health admin page Frequently asked questions for the WordPress Comment Rating Plugin Rating Widget is a star review system that might be the most popular, GDPR compliant 5 Star reviews system on the Internet. Working hand-in-hand with WordPress, this plug-in gives you a user-friendly rating system for posts, comments, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress bbPress forums as well as pages

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Plain WordPress comments are transformed into the Hotel Booking plugin reviews only on the Accommodation type pages; the rest of the website pages can get comments as usually. For the star rating system to work, you need to add at least one rating criterion. Otherwise, only written reviews will be displayed It's probably the most customizable free WordPress rating plugin. It uses AJAX and thus works super fast. It's compatible with caching plugins. It supports structured data for rich snippets . It works with multilingual websites. AMP compatibility. reCAPTCHA v3-Schutz. Migration tools - easily migrate from kk Star Ratings, YASR or WP-PostRatings. Translations: Please help translate the. I have a woocommerce store and I want to add star ratings to each of the products when you see their thumbnails. I already have the stars in the big product view but I want them to display below each thumbnail like in most ecommerce stores like timberland.com In the WordPress Administration, you'll then see your pending comments with star ratings, and you can choose to approve/spam/trash the comment (again, as you would with any WordPress comment). We offer a 14 day money back guarantee from the time of purchase

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A star rating plugin lets you simply add customer and client reviews to your website with built-in star ratings. The star rating system is incredibly popular and allows your visitors to see the quality of your products and services at a glance. Star ratings act as social proof for your website visitors. By default, WordPress does not have a. Stars Testimonials WordPress Plugin. Testimonials help consumers make purchasing decisions and increase social proof. With the Stars Testimonial WP plugin, you can easily add WordPress testimonials to your website.Displaying testimonials on your homepage or pricing page can boost your credibility, as well as your conversion rates To help the website owner to add star ratings on their review website, you can use custom fields and create a plugin yourself to add star ratings. That is the topic of today's tutorial. First of all, you need to download and install Meta Box plugin - a framework for creating custom fields. This Meta Box core plugin is free at wordpress.org. After downloading, start working on it How to Add Star Ratings and Reviews on Your WordPress Website 3.33/5 (1) The Multi Rating Pro WordPress plugin provides several options for you to integrate post ratings and reviews on your WordPress website The Star Rating widget allows you to display beautiful and personalized CSS star ratings within your WordPress website in just a few clicks

Filter out any reviews or ratings that are below a certain star level. These aren't completely removed but hidden from the top of your review module. Tag your favorite reviews to be shown at the top of the list. Customize the type of rating system you use and how it displays on the reviews. For example, you might show a 5.0, or maybe five blue or orange star icons In the native WooCommerce admin panel, the star rating is used by default. Therefore, you must be using some plugin for reviews. You can ask the developer of the plugin if it's possible to change a smiley to a star and how to do it. If changing a smiley to a star requires some customization our WordPress experts can help with that Included in Comment System to rate the page, support http://schema.org/AggregateRating and indexed as Google Rich Snippets. Any CMS Works on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr or any website with JavaScript universal code On the notification bar, you can display a summary of your review, your star rating for the product, and a call to action for the user to click through. Compatible with WordPress Multisite WP Review can be used to create reviews on multiple WordPress websites, even in a multisite network

Everest Comment Rating Lite is a free WordPress Plugin that provides like and dislike features along with the rating counter for default WordPress comment. The buttons and counter can be enabled or disabled as per the requirement of the user These are all optional. For instance, you may want to show a verified owner label next to customer reviews. There are also fields for only allowing verified customers to leave reviews, along with a way to activate star ratings. Click the Save Changes button Site Reviews allows your visitors to submit reviews with a 1-5 star rating on your website, similar to the way you would on TripAdvisor or Yelp. The plugin provides blocks, shortcodes, and widgets, along with full documentation. You can pin your best reviews so that they are always shown first, require approval before new review submissions are published, require visitors to be logged-in in.

You can embed thumb & star ratings into your posts, pages or comments, and customize and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. The star ratings are fully customizable, support major browsers and many languages. You can create unlimited thumb & star ratings and collect unlimited votes. The plugin includes a widget that you can place in your sidebar to display top rated posts, pages and comments. Add-ons are available to display tweets and share Awesome WP Comment Rating allows users to provide star rating on comment form of WordPress posts, custom posts or pages. Integration is very easy and simple. Download from WordPress Plugin Directory. Stars Rating are Displayed as: Five stars field on comment form. Display rating bar template above/below the Post/Page content. You can disable auto placement and use shortcodes to view rating bar. Star Rating WordPress plugin is exceptionally compatible with all modern browsers. It does not matter which browser users view your site: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge. Everything will look great on all devices and in all browsers. And this is especially important if your website has much unique content, such as a Blog, Glossary, Portfolio, Corporate Website, eCommerce Project, Creative Agency, Real Estate Listing, Personal CV, a Restaurant, Retail Company, Global Media Agency or.

Star rating is added to the items. Reviews can be set to be approved by This plugin adds ability for the users to rate and review listed content. Star rating is added to the items. Reviews can be set to be approved by Save $50 with Lifetime Single Membership special offer today. Buy Now $149 Was $199. Save $50 with Lifetime Single Membership special offer today. Purchase. English Brazil WP Review Pro is a WordPress review plugin to easily add review contents to your WordPress website. It helps your users to review or rank products, services, tools, recipes, or other content on your site. With this WP Review plugin you can give your users total freedom to come and vote/rate the contents on your site . It also calculates an average based on the ratings Quick add a Rating Form in comments before or after text; CHANGED; Database structure; Style of Tools, Settings and Add New page (see screenshots) Rating Form structure, added default classes Parent = .rating_form_wrap; Shape = .item; See rating-form.css for more default classes; Edit rating through button position; Version 1.4.1 (8-2-2016) FIXE You can choose to display comments, star ratings, or both. To make your Reviews & Ratings plugin even more effective, consider allowing images in comments so your customers can upload real-life photos that show how they're using your products. Additional Pro features are available with a separate subscription to unlock

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Google Search Console by default provides an option to see structured data. Take a look at below diagrams. In order to see this data, you have to add your site/blog to Search Console. Once you verify identity of your site, you may be able to see data right away OR wait for a week to get this data generated automatically The five star rating systems are very popular in which users can rate products by selecting stars from one to five and also give feedback comments. So if you're looking for script to implement rating and review system, then you're here at right place. In this tutorial, you will learn how to develop five start rating and review system using Ajax, PHP and MySQL. We will cover this tutorial in easy steps to create live example of 5 star rating system with Ajax, PHP and MySQL

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Stellar is a star rating plugin for WordPress. This plugin can create and save ratings for each WordPress entry, whether it is a Post, Page, or Product. Support search Microdata allows you to improve the plugin's position and visibility on Google pages with the click of a button in the settings. Flexible settings make it possible to create a rating of any capacity of 3 stars, 5 stars, 10 stars, and even 12 stars. And of course, choose any icon from the huge library of predefined icons or. Have you ever wondered how website owners inject star rating to the search results? Well, they use some special types of meta tags called Schema from shema.org. Along with the star rating, you can display custom images, addresses, phone numbers, etc. using the same.The post How to Add Star Ratings to Your WordPress Website with

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  1. Comments Evolved (formerly Google+ Comments for WordPress) adds tabs to the comments section for Google+, Facebook, Disqus, WordPress.com, and Trackbacks. With over 10,000 active installs and a 4.5-star satisfaction rating, this plugin could be a good option for you. However, it hasn't been updated in a year, not has it been properly tested with recent WordPress releases, so use it with caution
  2. The GD Star Rating System is a WordPress plugin that allows you to include the automated seller rating extension in search results. This optional annotation can improve click-through rates and conversions as well. All from a simple plugin. To download and install on your WordPress site, go to the plugin search and search for GD Rating System and install as usual. January 31, 2020.
  3. 1. Star Rating for WordPress. Star Rating is a simple star rating plugin for WordPress that gives you the option to create and save ratings for each WordPress entry like a post, page, or product. The review microdata is also visible in search results, so you will get a boost in visibility. It is fully compatible with all popular WordPress themes
  4. Now users can rate articles without leaving comments. wpDiscuz 7 comes with stand-alone Post Rating system located under the article content. Post Rating Based on Comment Rating Field. The second type, is the old, comment-depended way. You should create a Rating custom field in comment form allowing people to rate while they leave a comment
  5. Along with the in-depth text, you can also add star rating, percentage or point rating. Additionally, WP Review is fully translatable so you can use it with any language you want. Out of the box, WP Review delivers two different box templates which you can customize further. From basic to modern, it is up to you how you would like reviews to appear on your website. Moreover, the layout is 100%.
  6. Reviewer is another popular WordPress review plugin at CodeCanyon. It's been purchased over 5,600 times and has maintained a stellar 4.61-star rating on over 400 reviews. It can help you insert both review boxes and comparison tables, as well as giving you the option to accept user reviews

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The native comment system in WordPress leaves a lot to be desired. Comments are one of the best ways to engage your audience so using a different commenting system is worth considering. Here are the best WordPress comment plugins that you can use to turn readers into active participants With a built-in review and rating system, Gauge is an excellent multi-purpose WordPress theme. As the fully responsive theme comes with Visual Composer plugin, you can create unique layouts for the pages of your review site. The theme allows the users to submit their reviews and ratings from the front-end by using the review form The star review system of this plugin allows you to embed star and thumb ratings in posts, pages, and comments. The plugin does not need any configuration, and you can create and manage ratings from your WordPress dashboard. You can set up as many ratings as you want and place them wherever you like. A sidebar widget displays the top-rated post on your blog

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I am using Woocommerce with my Website, but it keep making bugged star ratings like SSSSS and shape of stars overlapped. It has been figured out number of S is the ratings, however, it should have been replaced with the colored star Though, as mentioned in the comments. Aren't there browser compatibility issues when you're using the Unicode symbol for a star instead of using an image? - Rick. Aaron. Permalink to comment # February 3, 2012. It's a little annoying that the cursor flickers between text and pointer (I'm using chrome) while hovering over the stars. Maybe wrap each one with a div and set the cursor to.

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Star rating bar allows the user to submit his thoughts whether the content is useful or not. This gives the administrator a view how well its item is performing. In this tutorial, I am using jQuery Bar Rating plugin to display rating bar and use jQuery AJAX to save user rating on MySQL database table whenever changes star-rating-for-blogger.blogspot.com is blogs that can generate star rating snippets for blogger, wordpres, php , html sites etc. these online tools is free and safe, the code generate on this blog base on google search console and tested to my other blogs

Buy Everest Comment Rating - Display Like/Dislike With Reaction Emojis For WordPress Comments by AccessKeys on CodeCanyon. Display Like/Dislike With Reaction Emojis For WordPress Comments The BEST plugin to add functionality to like, disli.. To leave a comment, just click in the box and start typing. After a visitor has written a comment, they will have several ways to identify themselves. A visitor can leave a comment¹ as a guest, or they can choose to use their WordPress.com, Twitter, Google, or Facebook account. For example: You can also change the Leave a Reply heading and the color scheme of the Jetpack Comments form. Liker - WordPress Rating Plugin. Liker is a premium WordPress like button plugin that can collect ratings in both opinions and like formats. The plugin is very flexible when it comes to adding those buttons. For example, you can have the regular like/dislike button or you can choose yes/maybe/no buttons or even a simple +1 button. This flexibility is created to allow you to use the plugin. So, Today I am sharing CSS Star Rating with a dynamic text using jQuery. I used jQuery only to create a text below the rating for giving info which rating user gives. You can remove that text and jQuery if you don't want the text or don't want to depend on JS. You can call this pure HTML CSS 5 Star Rating Inexpensive, lightweight, and fast extension that belongs to the WordPress rating plugins. It enables clients to comment applying stars, percentage and point rating system and assists 19 schema types. Site owners can improve design the response box, modify colors and positions of posts, observe the latest contributions via a tabbed widget. The add-on can be applied to CMS release 4.0 and.

On the five star rating you can thank the user and on the single star rating you can apologize and promise to improve your service. If you are running a service based business this design will be helpful. For example, if you are offering WordPress website customization support or hosting support, this star rating design will give a better experience to the user. If you are designing a hosting. Moreover, the theme includes a user commenting system with a star feedback rating and website contact forms. It lets users communicate their thoughts freely and effectively. They have 20 different payment gateway plugins, which allow you to add-on new payment options so you can accept payments online. Finally, they built this theme with the best SEO practices to make sure that your directory. Ultimate plugin for implementing ratings for WordPress content, terms, users or anything else, with multiple rating methods, features and addons and more . Addons Architecture. The plugin has addons architecture built-in to allow you to expand the plugin using additional and optional (free and premium) addons. The Dashboard. Plugin dashboard is the starting point for getting quick information.

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  1. In this 2 hours long project-based course, you will learn to create a Beautiful, Professional Medical Business Website from scratch using WordPress with free Hosting and Sub-domain
  2. The Reviewer is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to insert reviews and comparison tables into your posts, pages and custom post types in a quick and easy way. If you need to create a gorgeous recap box for your full review post or just a simple but powerful user reviews system, this is the plugin you are looking for
  3. Açıklama. kk Star Ratings is a widely used star rating plugin for wordpress. Here are some highlighted features: User defined amount of star ratings (5 as default) in your posts, pages and publicly accesible custom post types.. Structured data supporting google rich snippets showing the star ratings in search results which has the potential to drive more traffic to your website
  4. WP Engine provides the best managed WP hosting platform & tools for business & enterprise. Find out how your business can benefit from our platforms agility, tools, and integration
  5. The GD Star Rating System is a WordPress plugin that allows you to include the automated seller rating extension in search results. This optional annotation can improve click-through rates and conversions as well. All from a simple plugin

Choose the rating type (Stars or Up/Down voting) Add a Ratings Link field (using +Add Field picker) to the Multiple Entries configuration tab You can configure the text settings for the field using the Field Settings gear icon after adding it; Save the View; Notes: You must have comments enabled on your website; Comments will only be displayed if they are approved. You can modify this behavior by modifying your blog's behavior (in Settings > Discussion > Discussion Settings > Before a. Step 1 Introduction. Post ratings are a good way to get feedback on what your readers really focus on. While I was searching for a simple yet efficient plugin, I realized they all come with too many options and aren't customizable enough. That was my first issue

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  1. While Divi has loads of modules available, you may want to integrate it with a plugin like WP Product Reviews for the rating system. This will let you give products you review star-ratings inside the post editor and show the ratings nicely formatted in the post content. With this system, you can do all sorts of cool things like display the top-rated products in a list and even let readers submit their own reviews
  2. 8 Top WordPress Comment Plugins For More Engagement. 1. Thrive Comments; 2. No Self Pings; 3. Jetpack Comments; 4. wpDiscuz; 5. WP First Letter Avatar; 6. Yoast Comment Hacks; 7. Simple Comment Editing; Use These WordPress Comment Plugins To Help Visitors Engage Better On Your Blo
  3. WordPress Plugin GD Star Rating 1.9.10 - SQL Injection. CVE-83466 . webapps exploit for PHP platform Exploit Database Exploits. GHDB. Papers. Shellcodes. Search EDB. SearchSploit Manual. Submissions. Online Training . PWK PEN-200 ; WiFu PEN-210 ; ETBD PEN-300 ; AWAE WEB-300 ; WUMED EXP-301 ; Stats . About Us. About Exploit-DB Exploit-DB History FAQ Search. WordPress Plugin GD Star Rating 1.9.
  4. ⭐ Best for: customizable chat boxes, agent ratings, beautiful and functional dashboard. ☁️ Customizable chat box: YES ⏳ Chat history: YES Free conversations per month: none (premium solution) Price: premium plans start at $16/month for a single user and you get 30% off for your first payment
  5. A data set containing text-based movie review comments from IMDB and the star rating corresponding to each comment was obtained from http://ai.stanford.edu/~amaas/data/sentiment. This dataset contained reviews which had star ratings between 1-4 and 7-10 stars as it was used for binary sentiment classification. We extended the dataset with review comments having 5 and 6 star ratings from IMDB (The number of training samples per class that were added wa
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You can create a rating widget to add the ability for visitors to rate anything on your site using a 5-star rating system. Create a rating. Click the Create New drop-down list and select Rating. Click on the title to give your rating a name. In the Rating Size box, you can select the size and color of the stars. If you'd like to use something other than stars, you can include the image URL in the box 2 types of rating mode: stars and bars; Custom fields in user reviews NEW; Replies on user reviews NEW; Advance reply authorization feature NEW; Manage user review authorization; Manage and edit user reviews; Administrator can decide which WordPress roles can manage user reviews; Receive email notifications when new user reviews have been posted; Templates Manage Description. Adds a 'star-rating' field type for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin. This plugin is intended to help with people writing reviews that want a nice interface for doing rating/scores within the dashboard. This plugin does NOT DISPLAY STARS on the front end of your site These include buttons to bold, italicize, add a link, or blockquote. To add quicktags, you need to install and activate the Basic Comment Quicktags plugin. For details, see our article on how to easily add quicktags in WordPress comment form. This is how your comment form will look after adding quicktags

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  1. Then, under that comment, you can insert a buy button for easy conversion. It may sound basic but actually, you can play around with how the review box looks. This WordPress review plugin allows you to change the color of some elements, including the ratings as well as the pros and cons list
  2. If your comment form is showing Your email address will not be published text, then you can hide it by editing the your theme's comments.php file. Locate the tag <?php comment_form ?> and replace it with this code: <?php comment_form(array( 'comment_notes_before' => '<p class=comment-notes>' . __( 'No name or email address required.' ) . ( $req ? $required_text : '' ) . '</p>' )); ?>
  3. If you're one of those WordPress fans, we've put together a tutorial so you can add WP Customer Reviews (which boasts a 4.5-star rating with more than 200 reviews and 40,000+ downloads) to your WordPress site. We use this same plugin at Fit Small Business. We display an aggregate rating at the top of the page, based on reviews submitted using the rating form at the bottom of the page.
  4. WordPress Multisite is supported in the higher-priced $199 business license and $599 agency license. Easy Testimonials is one of the best testimonial WordPress plugins available today. It offers hundreds of options for changing what information is displayed in testimonials, while inclusion of custom CSS and theme selections makes styling them simpler too

Let's start with HTML. there's a single element that makes no calls to the server while maintaining accessibility: <div class=stars style=--rating: 2.3; aria-label=Rating of this product is 2.3 out of 5.></div> As you may see, the rating value is passed as an inlined custom CSS property (--rating). This means there is no additional rendering logic required, except for displaying the same rating value in the label for better accessibility Unlike other solutions, you can add our star rating system to any website (e.g., HTML, WordPress, Blogger, WiX). It is fully customizable, cross-browser & multilingual system. Our rating system has the most extensive collection of rating templates/designs, both thumbs & stars. The implementation is easy as copy-paste, and the best part - we host the ratings for FREE Step 1. Building the HTML. We're going to create a simple page that lists two movies, and allows you to rate them. This means we need the stars to show the current rating, and to allow voting. We also want an area to show the total votes cast, and the current rating down to one decimal place Lightweight jQuery Plugin For Star Rating Widget - Star Rating; 10 Best Rating Systems In jQuery And Pure JavaScript/CSS; How to use it: 1. Include the Twitter Bootstrap 3's CSS file in the page. <link rel=stylesheet href=http://netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.1.1/css/bootstrap.min.css> 2. Include the jQuery Bootstrap Star Rating plugin's javascript and CSS files after jQuery library

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Usually these ratings appear when your site gets 150 unique reviews and a composite rating of 3.5 stars. To check this, go to Google shopping and observe the reviews for particular stores. You will see same companies like ResellerRatings, Bizrate, PriceGrabber etc. Bootstrap Star Rating is a simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin for Bootstrap which supports advanced features like fractional star fill and RTL input support. Developed with a focus on utlizing pure CSS-3 styling to render the control. The plugin uses Bootstrap markup and styling by default, but it can be overridden with any other CSS markup Stars, percentage and point rating system. 2 Review box templates. Option to change individual review Colors and Positions. Unlimited color options. Translation Ready. Supports Shortcodes. Download + Demo + Details. Go to top. 3. WP Customer Reviews. WP Customer Reviews plugin is the best WordPress customer review plugin that allows you to set up a review page on your blog for customers to. The developers provide active support through the WordPress.org support forum for the plugin. 5. Easy Testimonials. Easy Testimonials lets you enter testimonials from your WordPress admin area. You can include a star rating, the person's role, and the product or service they used, as well as the testimonial itself. If you enter their email. The basic WordPress comment platform doesn't have built in spam filtering, and even though Akismet comes with the basic installation of WordPress, it's still a bummer to install a plugin just to get this basic filtering option. What is even more aggravating is that Akismet doesn't manage to stop all the spam comments, so you still get bombarded with spammers. WordPress spammers are also.

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