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web developer and programmer tools. World's simplest string to ASCII converter. Just paste your text in the form below, press Convert to ASCII button, and you get ASCII values. Press button, get ASCII. No ads, nonsense or garbage. Announcement: We just launched Online Number Tools - a collection of browser-based number-crunching utilities Text to ASCII Converter is easy to use tool to convert Text data to ASCII number. Copy, Paste and Convert. What can you do with String to ASCII? Word to ASCII is very unique tool to convert String to ASCII code (0 and 255). This tool saves your time and helps to convert text data to ascii with ease. This tool allows loading the Text URL, which loads Text and converts to ASCII number. Click on the URL button, Enter URL and Submit

You can convert words to ASCII with our online tool by following three easy steps mentioned below: At the start of this webpage, you will find a box with Put your text here direction. Here, you can type or paste the... The next step is to hit the Convert to ASCII button. In a few seconds, the. Thus, This is how to use our super-efficient online ASCII text generator, simply follow these steps: Step 1: Got to https://smallseotools.com/text-to-ascii/ Step 2: Input or paste the text in the space indicated Step 3: Click on Process The output is immediately given in the equivalent ASCII. A simple browser-based utility that converts text to ASCII art. Just paste your text in the input area and you will instantly get ASCII art in the output area. Fast, free, and without ads. Import text - get ASCII art Free online string to ASCII converter. Just load your string and it will automatically get converted to ASCII codes. There are no intrusive ads, popups or nonsense, just a string to ASCII converter. Load a string, get ASCII bytes. Created for developers by developers from team Browserling

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ASCII-Generator - Convert image or text to the ASCII Art How to use ASCII Text to Hex converter? Paste text in input text box. Select character encoding type. Select output delimiter string. Press the Convert button Text to Ascii Converter This is the tool where you can encode or decode your input into text, binary, base64, ascii and octal using difference encoding charsets. Also you can compare the size between your source and result in bytes Hex to ASCII Text Converter. Enter hex bytes with any prefix / postfix / delimiter and press the Convert button (e.g. 45 78 61 6d 70 6C 65 21) Image to ASCII Converter. This tool is intended to generate ASCII text pictures from bitmap images. To create a picture, do the following: Click on Choose Image and select your desired image; Pick the resolution for the image by setting the width. Select the characters to use for the image. Select the most contrast symbols from left to the right. Click Generate ASCII Image Choose Image. No.

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When you are done with the uploading part, just press the Convert button, and the ASCII will be turned to text in the window next to it. Conversion Of ASCII To Text Made Uncomplicated You can now convert any text or character to ASCII format without memorizing or referring to the conversion table Translate ASCII code to Text is a very unique tool to convert ASCII numbers, a combination of 0 and 255 to Text. This tool allows loading the ASCII URL, which loads ASCII and converts to String. Click on the URL button, Enter URL and Submit. Users can also convert ASCII File to Text by uploading the file ASCII Converter enables you to easily convert ASCII characters to their hex, decimal, and binary representations. In addition, base64 encode/decode binary data. As you type in one of the text boxes above, the other boxes are converted on the fly. The ASCII converter doesn't automatically add spaces between the converted values. You can use the add spaces button to separate the ASCII characters.

Convert text to an HTML format that is displayable in a Web or other HTML-readable format. This can include formatting such as bold and italics as well as bulleted and numbered lists, plus centered text. An example of when to use text to HTML is if you want to convert a Word of .rtf document into HTML code. You can also convert text from an email or .txt or similar file into HTML that you can then place on a web page. The tool takes blocks of text and places HTML tags in the text. Called. Ascii Text To Hexadecimal Converter. Recent Comments. Guest 2020-12-02 22:08:49 @MARK Are you sure that the hex you copied was supposed to be ASCII encoded? Maybe it was UTF-8, or maybe even not text at all, just binary data for something? MARK 2020-11-01 14:39:29. I used your HEX to ASCII converter to translate a string of HEX digits. I acquired the string from a program's code during a. Fancy Text Generators & Converters is fun and handy - just copy these stylish and unique designed text fonts and paste them anywhere such as in your social media posts, paste them onto your pictures for a more personal touch or even use them in your IG/Facebook stories, as well as your Instagram bio, or how about using them in your Snapchat or even WhatsApp to impress others, and more. Online ASCII to Text Converter. To use this ASCII to text converter enter your ASCII values into the box below and click the green generate button. Enter the ASCII to Convert. Generate Clear. Converted text value. What is This Tool? With this tool, you can easily convert ASCII to text/string online for free. It accepts a ASCII values of any length and will reveal its text form immediately.

ASCII To Text. This ASCII to text converter offers the easiest conversion online. You just need to input your value in the text area and click Convert to ASCII to get instant & accurate conversions Use Image to Text converter - Why it is important? There are millions of reasons to use this tool, some of which are: Save time & efforts; With this tool, you can save a lot of time. Productivity needs more time and with this OCR, you can save your precious time by getting text in seconds. Boost your business ; You can extract text from all your business documents and store it in one place. ABC Amber Text Converter. Warum führen wird die Konvertierung TXT in ASCII durch? Die Konvertierung einer Datei führen wir meistens dann durch, wenn wir die in der Quellendatei TXT enthaltenen Daten auf eine andere Art und Weise als bisher darstellen möchten. Eine andere Situation, die uns zur Konvertierung TXT in ASCII zwingt, ist der Wunsch, die in der Datei TXT enthaltenen Daten mittels.

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ASCII generator: Convert text to ASCII text The ASCII art Generator converts your text into an elaborate ASCII log World's simplest unicode tool. This online utility converts Unicode data to ASCII characters. Anything that you paste or enter in the input area automatically gets converted to ASCII and is printed in the output area. It supports all Unicode symbols and it works with emoji characters Instructions: Use this tool to convert character strings to ASCII and EBCDIC bytes (in hex), and vice versa. We cannot show every code page, but have included the more common ones we've dealt with. Find a full list of code pages at Tachyon Software ASCII Converter enables you to easily convert ASCII characters to their hex, decimal, and binary representations. In addition, base64 encode/decode binary data. As you type in one of the text boxes above, the other boxes are converted on the fly. The ASCII converter doesn't automatically add spaces between the converted values

Use this form to convert your ascii, hex or binary to ascii, hex, binary or even an MD5 hash. For reals. For reals. Input type: --- Select --- ASCII Hex Binary Text to convert: Hi, my name is Bagill This tool enabled you to convert plain text encoded in the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) into the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) code standard used by the computer system for character input. Note: The maxium permitted string length is 250000 characters

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  1. Binary ↔ ASCII text converter ASCII characters are characters whose code points range from 0x00 to 0x7F. So, to encode any ASCII character in binary, we need at least 7 bits. In practice, an 8th bit is added and used as a parity bit to detect transmission errors
  2. How to use TXT Converter. Step 1 - Upload a file. Select a file from your computer using the browse function. Step 2 - Choose a destination format. Choose a destination format like TXT, DOC, EPUB, GIF, HTML, JPG, ODT, PDB, PDF, PNG, RTF, SXW, XHTML, ZIP. We support most document formats
  3. Enter the EBCDIC value in the below input area and hit the Convert button to get the ASCII number. Online EBCDIC to ASCII converter is an online automatic converter that will convert 8 bit EBCDIC to ASCII
  4. Convert Text to ASCII . To convert Text to ASCII, input text in the box below, and then click on the big blue button that says CONVERT TO ASCII and text is generated, copy it or you can download output file
  5. Also, you might want to use this: RIGHT ('000'+CONVERT (varchar (max),ASCII (SUBSTRING (@YourString,Number,1))),3) to force all ASCII values into 3 digits, I'm not sure if this is necessary based on your usage or not. Output using 3 digits per character
  6. You do not convert text files to ascii, you just rename the extension should you need it. However, you may have also been looking for a way to convert a text into ASCII number format, in that case you have to use a special conversion utility like ABC Amber Text Converter. The resulting file will contain just numbers that are assigned to each symbol from the original text file. There is also.

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For help on using the converter, see the help page. For the ASCII converter, click here. © Muri, 200 In the ASCII code there is a difference of 32 between an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter. So add 32 to the ASCII code of a capital letter to get a lowercase and subtract 32 from the ASCII code of a lowercase letter to have a capital letter

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With this tool you can easily convert UTF8 text to ASCII text, where each UTF8 character is represented by one or more simple ASCII symbols. The way it works is it breaks each UTF8 character into raw bytes and creates ASCII characters from their values. Because UTF8 is a multi-byte encoding, there can be one to four bytes per UTF8 character and as a result there can be up to four ASCII. This text to ASCII converter fulfills this requirement. The tool is fast and the conversion process gets completed in quick time. As soon as you type in the text in the first text box, the converted form in the ASCII format would be shown in the second text box. Convert to ASCII tool does not have any long processing requirements. A lot of tools on the internet take several minutes to produce.

Technically, yes you can by using Encoding.ASCII. Example (from byte[] to ASCII): // Convert Unicode to Bytes byte[] uni = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(Whatever unicode string you have); // Convert to ASCII string Ascii = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(uni) This article shows you how to convert Character to an ASCII value. In Java, we can cast char to int to get the ASCII value. Java Tutorials. Java 16 (Latest) Java 15; Java 14; Java 13; Java 12; Java 11 (LTS) Java 8 (LTS) Java IO / NIO; Java JDBC; Java JSON; Java CSV; Java XML; Spring Boot; JUnit 5; Maven ; Misc; Java - Convert Character to ASCII. By mkyong | Last updated: June 7, 2020. Viewed. Convert Ascii to Text Convert Ascii to Binary Convert Ascii to Base64 Convert Ascii to Hex Convert Ascii to Octal Octal Converters. Convert Octal to Text Convert Octal to Binary. Hex to ASCII Converter. Enter the value that you want to convert. Convert

Decode Base64 to ASCII Text. The result of Base64 decoding will appear here . How to convert Base64 to ASCII online. Paste your string in the Base64 field. Press the Decode Base64 to ASCII button. Download or copy the result from the Text field. Comments (12) I hope you enjoy this discussion. In any case, I ask you to join it. binbin, 15 april 2020 at 06:27 # i love it. Just paste text in the form below, press Convert button, and you get decimal numbers. Press button, get decimal. No ads, nonsense or garbage. Works with Unicode and UTF8 as well. Press button, get decimal Want to convert string to binary without using string to ASCII converter? Let's convert the string hello to binary number. Step 1: First, we have to convert the string to decimal. We already did that in the previous example. Let's use the decimal number we got for the string hello. hello = (104 101 108 108 111) 10. Step 2: Convert the first decimal number (104) into binary by. It is possible to convert directly from one format to another. Base64 - The Base64 encoding is used to transfer binary or text data as (7-bit) ASCII. It can also be used in data URI:s , encoding an image or similar directly as a link It's only supported in PowerApps to convert the decimal number to ASCII by Char () function, so the Hex must be converted to Decimal first. Please try this code, DecimalNum field store the decimal number and ASCII field store all converted ASCII text

Binary to ASCII text. Enter the value that you want to convert Binary to Text or ASCII text to binary. (E.g: 01000101 01111000 01100001 01101101 01110000 01101100 01100101) Open File. Paste binary bytes (e.g:01000101 01111000) or drop file: Convert. Reset. ASCII text to binary A file conversion is just a change of the file that was created in one program (TXT file) to a form intelligible for another program (i.e. ASCII format).There are many websites offering file conversion of TXT to ASCII files Online - without having to download a special program to your computer. However, if you have not found the appropriate TXT file converter in the Internet, you can use our.

Convert any language text to ASCII number format or ASCII codes to Normal Text instantly with this free in-browser tool. For example: A is 065 / 0065. ASCII is short of American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers can only understand numbers, and ASCII codes are numerical representations of characters that a computer can understand. Text in a computer is stored as numbers. Simply copy and paste it into your page: <a href=https://manytools.org/hacker-tools/convert-images-to-ascii-art/>ASCII art generator for geeks! - Convert images/pictures to ASCII art online! (HTML/text)</a> Ascii Text to Hexadecimal Converter. In order to use this ascii text to hexadecimal converter tool, type an ascii value like awesome to get 61 77 65 73 6f 6d 65 and then hit the Convert button. This is the way you can convert up to 128 ascii text to hexadecimal characters. Ascii Text Value Padding

The Text to Base64 converter is a simple encoder tool that allows you to convert online text to Base64 (that is, it encodes any textual characters into a basic ASCII string). If you need more features and better customization for encoding text to Base64, please use the Base64 encoder Convert text into hexadecimal format. Computers store text as numbers, and with hex you display the numbers not as a decimal number, but in base 16. Hex or base 16 or hexadecimal is a numeral system that uses 16 symbols. The symbols include 0-9 and a-f (sometimes A-F). An example of a hexadecimal number is 3BF2. Computer science applications can use hexadecimal for binary coding in computing and digital electronics. The primary use of hex is a more people friendly way to represent the value Text to decimal: Convert text to Unicode code points. In encoding standards like ASCII and Unicode each character can be represented by a numeric code point. While ASCII is limited to 128 characters, Unicode has a much wider array of characters and has begun to supplant ASCII rapidly. NATO alphabet Caesar cipher ROT1 Text to Hex Conversion Tool. Converts from Text string to Hex and vise-versa onlin

Unicode Text Converter. Convert plain text (letters, sometimes numbers, sometimes punctuation) to obscure characters from Unicode. The output is fully cut-n-pastable text. Small FAQ What conversions does this do? This toy only converts characters from the ASCII range. Characters are only converted on a one-to-one basis; no combining characters (eg U+20DE COMBINING ENCLOSING SQUARE), many to. On-line javascript hexadecimal to ASCII converter. tomeko.net. ENGLISH VERSION WERSJA POLSKA. Hexadecimal -> ASCII string decoder . Hex string: Note: all characters outside hex set will be ignored, thus 12AB34 = 12 AB 34 = 12, AB, 34, etc. Input is case-insensitive. Options: remove 0x groups from input. Cleaned input: Decoded data as ASCII text, bytes outside 32...126 range displayed. Text to Hex Converter . Convert between Text and Hex quickly using this tool . Text to Hex Converter . Converts from Text to Hexadecima

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  2. This online Text to Binary converter tool helps you to convert one input ASCII text string into a Binary (base 2) String. The Binary string delimiter can be chosen from (, ). ASCII Encoding Standard: ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the most widely used character encoding standard. The standard ASCII has 7 bits, 128 distinguish characters. The extended ASCII.
  3. With this tool you can convert plain text to binary. It takes each character in a text, finds its binary value and outputs it. By default, it adds a space between every eight bits for better readability. You can toggle it, and then all binary values will be merged together into a continuous stream of zeros and ones. Also, for more compact output, you can remove the beginning zeros in front of.
  4. How to use Text to Binary converter? Paste text in input text box. Select character encoding type. Select output delimiter string. Press the Convert button. How to convert English to Binary code? Get english letter; Get ASCII code of the english letter from ASCII table; Convert decimal to binary byte; Continue with next english letter; How to.
  5. The following table is an ASCII-to-EBCDIC conversion table that translates 7-bit ASCII characters to 8-bit EBCDIC characters. Conversion table irregularities The EBCDIC-to-ASCII and ASCII-to-EBCDIC conversion tables previously shown are standard conversion tables. However, owing to the nature of EBCDIC-to-ASCII and ASCII-to-EBCDIC conversions, certain irregularities exist in the conversion.
  6. Convert ASCII codes to Normal Text instantly using this free online tool. Contact Us. If you happen to have any comments, suggestions or feedback. Just send an email to info@convert.town. Close. About Us. We love to create useful tools at Convert Town. Send some feedback our way by emailing us at info@convert.town. We would love to hear from you. Close. Convert ASCII to Text auto-copied to.
  7. Decimal To Ascii Converter Example. Input. 69 120 97 109 112 108 101. Output. Example ASCII, Decimal converter tabl

ASCII text, also known as ASCII art, makes it easy to generate ASCII text, and you can see the effect as you type. We have collected more than 270 fonts, each with a different style, but they are very cool. To use this generator is very simple, you just need to enter your text, then select the font, you can get your ascii text right away This free Ascii Art creator allows you to convert images to color or monochrome Ascii Art. Supports multiple options including color, inverse, background color, brightness, contrast, font size, custom charset, and more. This app provides a wide range as output formats, including Text, HTML, PNG image

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  1. Text to ASCII converter helps in conversion of simple text to ASCII numbers. X. Need any help? please contact us. En. English French Spain Italian Russian Germany Nederlands Polish čeština Turkey Sweden Hebrew Finland Japan Romanian. Category . Health Finance Information Education Real Estate Converters. Articles ; X. Text To Ascii. Load Sample Data Enter (or paste) your Normal Text here.
  2. Online Text to ASCII Converter. To use this string/text to ASCII converter enter your text / string value into the box below and click the green generate button. Enter the text / string to Convert. Generate Clear. Converted ASCII Value. What is This Tool? With this tool, you can easily convert text/string to ASCII online for free. It accepts a text / string value of any length and will reveal.
  3. ASCII generator: Convert text to ASCII text The ASCII art Generator converts your text into an elaborate ASCII logo. Font styles: swampland 804 starwars 691 Georgia11 517 small 427 doom 356 alpha 355 big 287 banner3 241 epic 219 banner4 194 speed 182 gothic 182 ivrit 171 smkeyboard 154 alligator2 146 standard 142 doh 141 dotmatrix 131 eftifont 92 graffiti 88 contrast 82 larry3d 81 sub-zero 76.
  4. Text 2 ASCII Konverter Beliebigen Text in ASCII-Code umwandeln Um beliebigen Text im HTML-Quellcode zu verschlüsseln, diesen aber normal im Webbrowser darzustellen, können statt der normalen Textcodierung auch ASCII-Zeichencodes verwendet werden
  5. Text in ASCII und UTF-16 umwandeln. Wandelt einen Text Zeichen für Zeichen in ASCII und UTF-16-Code um und umgekehrt. Um Codenummern in Text umzuwandelt, muss zwischen jedem Wert ein Leerzeichen stehen. ASCII steht für American Standard Code for Information Interchange und ist die grundlegendste Kodierung für Zeichensätze. UTF-16 ist eine.
  6. TXT to ASCII How to convert a TXT file to a ASCII ? Thank you, Jacopo. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (65) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed ; Replies (2.
  7. 2. Convert String to ASCII. 2.1 We can use String.getBytes(StandardCharsets.US_ASCII) to convert the string into a byte arrays byte[], and upcast the byte to int to get the ASCII value

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Encoding ascii = Encoding.ASCII; Encoding unicode = Encoding.Unicode; // Convert the string into a byte array. byte[] unicodeBytes = unicode.GetBytes(unicodeString); // Perform the conversion from one encoding to the other. byte[] asciiBytes = Encoding.Convert(unicode, ascii, unicodeBytes); // Convert the new byte[] into a char[] and then into a string. char[] asciiChars = new char[ascii.GetCharCount(asciiBytes, 0, asciiBytes.Length)]; ascii.GetChars(asciiBytes, 0, asciiBytes.Length. Kostenloser online Ascii Art Generator. Erzeugt monochrome oder farbige Ascii Art aus Bildern. Enthält zusätzlich eine Option um as Text ein Ascii Banner zu erzeugen

Free Online tool to translate ASCII/ANSI, HEX, Binary, Base64, etc.. [ TEXT ] 2 [ BINARY ] 4 [ HEX ] 6 [ BASE64 ] [ DEC / CHAR ] [ MESSAGE DIGEST / CHECK SUM Convert from EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code) to ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) text characters. Code to add this calci to your website Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator The values in the column labeled ASCII in this section are abbreviations for the action that the code would cause. Code 07h is labeled BEL and it would ring the bell (to wake up the operator) on a Teletype or sound a 'beep' on the CRT terminal. So [Ctrl + G] or [Ctrl + g] will cause your dumb terminal to emit a beep. If you look at the raw contents of a text document (one produced by Notepad. Free ASCII to Unicode Converter enter your info to convert ASCII text to Unicode. ASCII to unicode converter is a good way to foil the email spiders that take email addresses from your site's pages. To the person viewing the code in a browser it will look like normal text. This free ascii to unicode convertor does not convert numbers it does convert the alphabet and many less common 8 bit characters. Fill in the spaces below then click the Convert button to get the Unicode code

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Convert the ASCII value sentence to its equivalent string. 14, Mar 19. Convert all lowercase characters to uppercase whose ASCII value is co-prime with k. 12, Nov 18. Program to Convert Hexadecimal to Octal. 14, Nov 18. Convert a binary number to hexadecimal number. 28, May 17. Replace every character of string by character whose ASCII value is K times more than it . 01, Aug 18. Count pairs of. ANSI Art converter; Steganography; Image to Byte array; I; Hacker; ASCII banners; Create ASCII text banners online. Use this 'Figlet' web-interface to create ASCII text banners* in a variety of typefaces. (* banners with letters composed out of smaller ASCII characters). Banner text Font. Horizontal spacing. Vertical spacing. Banner: Show banner fullscreen This app uses the excellent.

File Extension conversion from TXT to ASCII is the conversion of computer file extensions from Text File to ASCII Text File. Furthermore, each computer program handles file extensions in a different manner. Whenever any one of these variables is changed, data must be converted in some way before it can be used by a different computer, operating system or program Input data. Upload your image (R) Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, bmp, wmf. Max size : 10 MB. Drag and drop files anywhere. Upload. Detail (R) Low Medium High. ASCII Art Type (R ASCII Converter is a convenient tool that helps you convert a text to ASCII code (decimal), Base64 code, binary code, octal code, hexadecimal code or vice versa. The results can be used for.. hex-ascii-converter. This extension convert selected ascii string to hex string, or hex string to ascii string. Features. Convert ascii string to hex string. Convert hex string to ascii string. Demo. Known Issues. Locale is not supported. Release Notes 0.0.3. Ignored if wrong hex string is included. 0.0.2. Added support for space, tab and new line in hex string. 0.0.

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How to Convert Text to Binary. Convert text to binary ASCII code: Get character; Get decimal code of character from ASCII table; Convert decimal to binary byte; Continue with next character; Example. Convert Plant trees text to binary ASCII code: Solution: Use ASCII table to get ASCII code from character The ASCII text to binary converter converts the text input in ASCII to the binary output. It is a simple calculator to operate and gives accurate results depending on the values entered in the text field. It has a single text field where you will fill in or paste the ASCII text input

Converter for ANSI & ASCII text files to HTML, Unicode, Bitmap and various specialty formats like PCBoard @ Sequences, ANSI/ASCII BIN (Binary) or Unicode Text Format. ANSI/ASCII Converter 1.04 Back to List of Tools Written by Roy/SAC. Introduction. If you don't know what ANSI or ASCII is then you are probably at the wrong place. However, if you'd like to learn more about this subject in. Text to Hex Converter. In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses sixteen distinct symbols, most often the symbols 0-9 to represent values zero to nine, and A, B, C, D, E, F (or alternatively a-f) to represent values ten to fifteen

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N Ary Summation U+2211White Chess Bishop U+2657قفشات الأفلام - وحشتينى يا زبيدهBlack Chess Rook U+265CIndian Lady EmojiSleepy Yawn EmojiUpwards Dashed Arrow U+21E1

This page includes a JavaScript that will convert hexadecimal ASCII into text ASCII Hexadecimal to Character conversion This script will convert well formed hexadecimal ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character codes typed or pasted in the left field below into the characters they represent This tool transforms Comma Separated Values (CSV) to simple evenly-aligned text columns. It finds the maximum length of every CSV column and then pads each value with appropriate number of whitespace so that all text columns are aligned evenly. You can also change CSV's column separator and field quotation character. This tool also supports CSV comments that can be skipped, and CSV headers ASCII text conversion is used wherever text can be more readily printed or transmitted than graphics or in some cases where the transmission of images is not easy. Now we will see different websites that get you with ASCII text converters of desired input and output optional availabilities. 10 Websites For Image To ASCII Converters 1. Degraeve Advantage of this tool is that it can be. The 'Swap' button allows you to convert the ASCII text to Binary codes as it alternated the flow of calculations. It is important to fill in the correct information of the binary codes before you click the 'Convert' button. The Binary to ASCII text gives you accurate results depending on the values entered in the blank text field. The ASCII text output that appears below the three controls. ASCII to Text. - Convert almost any text into Binary, Octal, Decimal or Hex. - Convert Binary from ASCII and Octal, Decimal, Hex from Unicode to text. - Use the combo box to switch between counting bases. - The Binary conversion will work only with 255 characters. - All other conversions will work with the limit of their integer length

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